In 2016 the launch of Cherokee Ocean and Cherokee Elite.

Before or later there will be no more Indian tribe names to baptize the sling guns by Cressi, as they have been during time quite a few and with tribe names, such as: dal Cherokee, al Comanche, al Sioux, all’Apache, al Geronimo, al Yuma.

Evolution of species with the Cherokee Ocean and the Cherokee Elite is quite remarkable. The entire release system, including trigger and the terminal part of the shaft guide, on the side of the handle, is now 100% in 3 mm thick stainless steel. But there is more: some of the internal components of the are made of teflon to reduce friction and noise during the release phase.

A lever regulates safety lock. When the losk is open (possibility to shoot), the lever is not in the way of one’s index finger, while when the lock is closed  (no possibility to shoot) the lever is can be well felt by the index finger. To work also with left-handeds there is one lever on each side of the handle.

Metal parts are also manufactured with interesting solutions, starting from the area where the shaft locks, which has a very smoothed entrance that helps the insertion of the shaft and avoids that the line (multifilamento Cressi da 140) wears out against the metallic edge. Moreover, the system is capable of reducing almost to zero the tolerances of the shaft in the release system, improving considerably precision of the shot.

An innovative solution for an industrial product, but already seen on crafted sling guns, is the muzzle with an integrated magnet. This is an optimal solution to maintain perfect position of the shaft and improving precision of the shot. The magnet itself is incorporated in a special antifriction, to reduce practically to zero the possible braking effect given by the magnet holding the shaft, and insulating to avoid humidity absorbtion and possible oxidation of the magnet.  The nylon thread blocking pins have good dimensions. The thread passes then centrally under the muzzle to avoid any interference with the rubber bands. For such same reason of separating the line from interfering with the rubber bands, the wings positioned on top of the handle have been increased in dimension.

The barrel is hydroformed, with variable section and hydrodinamic shape for the Cherokee Ocean, while it is cylindrical and reinforced in the lower part for the Elite. The anodizing of the Ocean, mat, uses a new technology for a more resistant and longlasting solution. The handle is new. The thickness of the glass-filled Nylon in the area of the connection between handle and barrel has been doubled to obtain better resistance.

The reel is new and available for lines of 30 and 50 meters. The material of the reel is a special fully machined plastic, lighter than glass-filled nylon. The muzzle is short to leave space for the air inside the barrel, obtaining an even lighter speargun. The same principle is applied on the part of the handle that inserts inside the barrel. This part is hollow. Cressi has preferred having a speargun as light as possible and, eventually, balance it adding weights inside the barrel, at its top.

Shafts mounted standard on the Cherokee Ocean and the Cherokee Elite have respectively diamter 7 and 6.5 mm, with fins welded with TIG process. Elastic bands (available in diameters of 16 and 18 mm) are new, in caucciù, and are very progressive and easy for loading. The Ocean is available in lengths of 90-100-110-120, while the Elite is in 75-90-100.

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