The biggest of the lot by far, the Cressi Borg is definitely impressive in its dimensions, meaning it can only be positioned on the calf, but has on the other hand the strongest blade and a big efficient handle with great grip…let us see better all details.

Cressi Borg knife in the sheath

The handle

Of great dimensions (110 mm long x 45 mm max-width x 15 mm thick) the handle of the Cressi Borg has definitely a perfect asymmetrical anatomical grip made of Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR), which feels hard but is softer than plastic and results in a “soft grip” solution for better grip. The asymmetry helps to feel the correct position of the knife without having to look at it.

Cressi Borg asymmetrical anatomical handle

The rear of the handle has a steel cap that can be used as a small hammer and can be unscrewed to permit total disassembly of the Cressi Borg in all its parts, with the steel blade that will slide out of the handle, of which it also represents the internal rigid soul.

Cressi Borg total disassembly

The color available for the handle is only black with a light grey base.

The blade

Amazingly strong with its great dimensions, 145 mm long x 25 mm wide x 5 mm thick, and made of tempered AISI 420 steel, the blade of the Cressi Borg is definitely something! No risk of breaking it with its 5 mm thickness, the greatest value of the dossier.

Cressi Borg knife blade

A standard straight-edged blade on one side, with 135 mm usable length, and a serrated/toothed edge on the other, with two small and one large tooth alternation, the blade of the Cressi Borg is complete with the small line cutter, which can definitely help. The upper part of the tip of the blade on the side of the toothed profile is not sharp to differentiate the Cressi Borg from a real weapon.

Unfortunately, no shaft straightening or unblocking system is available on the Cressi Borg.

The sheath

Made of polycarbonate and of generous dimensions, the sheath of the Cressi Borg is rigid, in black color, with the button for the locking and releasing of the knife put in evidence by a light grey color. Definitely, the locking system is functional and precise. On the rear of the sheath of the Cressi Borg two passages for the rubber straps that come included with the knife.

Cressi Borg insertion in sheath

The Cressi Borg with its total length in the sheath equal to 286 mm, can be only worn on the calf with the rubber straps.

For the data chart of the Cressi Borg click here.