Cressi Back Pack harness in brief

Cressi has one single offer for the weight harness, the Cressi Back Pack. Still, in one single product you have all you need with the adjustable system and up to 6 pockets for total 6 kilos. This, in a very compact design.

Weights and pockets


As anticipated, the Cressi back pack can host up to 6 weights of 1 kg for total 6 kilos maximum. What is interesting is that Cressi offers specific oval weights of 1 kilo each which can be inserted in the pockets extremely easily. 

Cressi weights of oval shape for best insertion in the Cressi Back Pack harness


The 6 pockets are distributed with two of them positioned centrally along the dorsal spine in the upper part of the back of the spearfisherman. Another four are in the lower part and are positioned laterally to the dorsal spine. 

Cressi back Pack weight pockets position

Material and adjustment

The Cressi Back Pack has in its simplicity its interest. The material is neoprene, while the size is only one, thanks to the possibility to adjust the length of both braces. The result is very good and the Cressi Back pack adheres perfectly to the body.

Cressi bach Pack harness perfect adherence to the body

These can be closed by two clips that are positioned on two strips of neoprene. The latter have a key function of protecting the wetsuit from being warn or damaged by the crips rubbing on it. This applies in particular in case of externally smooth neoprene wetsuits.

Cressi Back Pack harness clip protective neoprene

Wearing and releasing

Quick release

The quick release system on the Cressi Back pack is the traditonal one with the two clips to be opened on both sides of the chest. It is a reliable system, but needs either both hands, or one hand to open first one clip and than the other. So not the absolute fastest on the market. 

Wearing the harness

Wearing the Cressi Back Pack harness is quite a simple and traditional process. With the clips on the “braces” closed, you simply insert one after the other hands and arms in the passages. In alternative, you could close only one clip, insert the arm there, and then fetch the second blace, pull it over the shoulder and close it. The lined neoprene slides quite easily even on a smooth neoprene wetsuit. 

Cressi Back Pack harness wearing phases

Additional elements

The Cressi Back Pack harness has in its compactness and adjustability. The cut is very good and adheres well to the body. The rear bottom has an elastic lace with a nylon ball to easily pass under the beld to attach the harness. No straps for the knife nor a whistle are present. It is true though that Cressi has been excellent in adding since 2017 a whistle to its buoys, so that can be sufficient as safety system. As already pointed out, at Apneapassion we believe the whistle should be mandatory by law