Cressi is since many year definitely the point of reference company in the design and in-house manufacturing of masks. Be they scuba diving, snorkeling, freediving or spearfishing masks, Cressi has most probably the greatest know-how in the industry. We have already presented the wide range of freediving and spearfishing masks by the Italian Company. We have also made focuses more specifically on the Cressi Calibro, Cressi Nano, Cressi Zeus, Cressi F1, and more recently the Cressi Quantum with additional extraordinary innovations. In particular the Cressi Calibro will compete for the Best Choice prize in the masks category. This year it is the time of another incredible product, the Cressi Atom mask, which will also compete in the Best Choice prize, but also in the Award prize as 2023 novelty.

Compact for spearfishing and freediving

The design of the Cressi Atom is definitely cool and attractive. This comes from very compact dimensions, also helped by the frameless solution, and cool cut of the lenses. Such design makes the Cressi Atom particularly adapt for freediving and spearfishing. The low internal volume, which will will measure scientifically in the Super Test that we will publish soon, permits to reduce the need of equalization, especially in deep dives. The compact design helps to optimize the water penetration.

The maximum width of the chassis is 13.8 cm, which increases to 15.5 cm considering the lateral rubber connections to the rear strap. The maximum height of the chassis is instead 6.2 cm. The weight measured by AP is limited to 130 grams.

The maximum dimensions of the lenses are 48 mm wide and 48 mm high. The design shows extensions laterally and vertically, while the upper part is cut almost horizontally. We will check the field of view in every direction with the coming Super Test.

Frameless and chassis design

As we know, the frameless solution permits a more compact design of the mask. The effect is also the possibility to bring the lenses closer to the eyes. This permits to improve the field of view. The internal chassis that, together with the lenses, gives structure to the mask is not too stiff centrally between the lenses. There are two theories about this point. One indicates that the softer chassis inn the central are permits a better adaptation of the facial to the face. The other is based on the assumption that the less the chassis deforms and the more the facial keeps its shape and adheres to the face. We will check this aspect and verify how well the Cressi Atom behaves during our test, but considering the of the Italian company we expect a very good result.


The facial of the Cressi Atom is made with an incredibly soft silicone. This has a matt surface everywhere, both internally and externally. Only the two areas on the sides of the nose have a glossy surface most probably simply for aesthetical look. The matt surfaces help reduce light reflection internally, which could hit the diver’s eyes, and externally, something that could scare fish.

The design is extremely refined. You can see already externally the carved concave areas on the sides of the base of the nose. These are where the diver puts the thumb and index finger to equalize. Such solution helps such action and avoids the Cressi Atom to move or deform during equalization. Moreover, the two concave areas (convex if seen from the internal of the mask) help centering the mask on the face, and reduce the internal volume even more. The upper area between the lenses has a special design which is thicker and where an internal core is present to increase stiffness in such point. The maximum horizontal dimension of the border of the facial is 12.5 cm and the height is 10 cm.

The profile of the nose is straight from the base, but changes angle in the upper part to improve comfort in a very critical area. In fact, often in such position the extremely compact masks, especially the frameless ones, tend to come to contact with the nose and forehead and generate an annoying, and at times painful, effect.

On the sides of the facial two thick bands improve its rigidity helping to keep the Cressi Atom in the right position, without it being squeezed on the face. The use of thicker bands and nerves on the facial is a solution that Cressi utilizes often and comes from the great experience of the Italian company.

The colours available of the facial are beautiful: black with normal or mirrored lenses, matt green, glossy blu and white.

Side buckles and rear band

The side buckles which connect the rear band to the facial are mounted generously dimensioned silicone supports. These have a special design that slightly deform when the rear band is extended. In such a way, they accomodate the traction without deforming the facial. The buckles are well designed and can be released to adjust the rear band simply lifting a flat lever.

The rear band is beautifully designed, with two main parts, where the lower one has the Cressi lettering in a different colour to the facial. The upper part of the rear band has a sort of “tongue” to hold and pull the mask away from the head.


Made to have the maximum reduction of the internal volume, the Cressi Atom is a very professional mask for expert spearfishermen and freedivers. The know-how of the Italian Company in such sector is definitely a plus. The confirmation of the internal volume reduction and good field of view will come from our Super Test coming soon. Such results will be important parameters for the Cressi Atom to aim for the Award and Best Choice prizes by Apneapassion.