Christmas is coming! Which could be the best Christmas gift for you beloved one? Well, indeed for spearos and freedivers a computer watch is among the most useful equipment. First of all, it is the instrument that helps the diver’s safety in the water, and what else would we want to give as present to the one we care about? Then it helps general dives, training, it is a beautiful object for everyday life and a sign of recognition among passionate practitioners of these sports. Cressi indeed, with its specialized company, Cressi Electronics, is one of the leaders in the design and manufacturing of spearfishing and freediving watches, and not only. Not a minor aspect the latter, where most of the spearfishing companies need to tap into the Cinese market to be able to offer spearfishing and freediving computer watches.

Cressi King and Cressi Nepto computer watches – They can be very special Christmas gifts!

100% Made in Italy

We have recently presented the new 2022 novelty by Cressi, the Cressi King computer watch. With the same functions and quality, Cressi also offers the Nepto. 100% Italian design and manufacturing, these products are really high quality jewels made in Cressi Electronics.

Almost twins

Cressi King and Nepto computer watches

Nepto and King have the same functions and characteristics. For example they both have key programs for Taravana and Edema protection. All details of the functions of the Cressi King, and so also the Cressi Nepto, can be read on the relative article.

The only difference is the look and the material of the bezel, and the color of the strap. The first, the King, is made with a metal bezel mounted on the 30% glass loaded Nylon case. Such element is then painted with a special process that gives a nice glossy result. The colors of the bezel nicely match the computer watch strap. Available colors are black, blue and orange. This solution indeed gives this computer watch a very valuable, classy and still sporty look.

The Nepto is instead built with both the case and the bezel in 30% glass loaded Nylon, for a more simple and sporty look. The Nylon of the bezel can be black, blue or green matching the central part of the computer watch strap.


The small but relevant difference in the material of the bezel, which also requires for the King a special painting process of such element, determines a price difference. The Cressi Nepto is evidently more affordable, and sold at a list price of 290 €. The Cressi King has a list price of 350 €. Of course physical and internet shops can apply specific discounts. Surely these two will be the most appreciated Christmas gifts!