The C4 Tavolara freediving buoy is a new 2024 product for training and pre-dive specifically designed for freedivers. It is another important offer by the Italian company for freediving enthusiasts, after the C4 Dyno neck weight, the C4 Dyn-UP wetsuit and the Umberto Pelizzari fins, winners of the Best Choice by Apneapassion 2023. In our X-rays we will find many interesting technical solutions by C4 Carbon, where key is definitely the use of high quality and resistant materials, and many attachment connections.


The first key element that we surely like is the PVC material used. It makes the C4 Tavolara freediving buoy not only water resistant and fast drying, but also very strong. The 850gsm PVC is 0.7 mm thick. The C4 Tavolara freediving buoy has also reinforcement bands in woven nylon impregnated with waterproof material. These are extremely strong and contribute ti have a completely fast drying buoy.


The buoy has a double chamber. The woven nylon bands are used to reinforce the entire structure of the C4 Tavolara freediving buoy. Such bands have a cross arrangement and a passage around the donut. In particular such bands are present at the base on the 4 lateral handles, also made of the same material, and the areas where the big and strong steel rings are present.


Another great plus of the C4 Tavolara freediving buoy are the many connections present. Apart from the important, but quite standard, solution of the 4 lateral handles, this freediving buoy has 4 big stainless steel rings positioned on the 4 sides.

There is also, of course the same stainless steel ring also centrally in the inferior part of the buoy. Also, this ring is strongly connected to the C4 Tavolara thanks to the two nylon bands crossed together.

Internal storage

Centrally, the C4 Tavolara freediving buoy has the classic storage space. It can be closed with a cover using a YKK high-strength zipper. Internally, another stainless steel ring permits to connect and secure accessories, a rope or a support net.

C4 Tavolara freediving buoy

The inferior surface of the C4 Tavolara, also in PVC, has a number of holes all around it to permit an easy drainage of the water accidentally entering in the central store of the buoy.

Inflation valve

C4 Carbon has chosen a different solution valve from other brands. In fact, the C4 Tavolara freediving buoy has a double option. The main valve is perfect for inflating the buoy using a dinghy pump. Such valve also permits fast deflation thanks to its big dimensions. With such valve C4 offers an accessory which transforms it in a traditional bicycle valve. So, either with a dinghy pump, a bicycle pump or compressor, the C4 Tavolara che be inflated to its 8 psi needed. Such solution does not instead permit an easy inflation simply using the mouth.

Dimensions, weight and flag

The dimensions of the C4 Tavolara freediving buoy are slightly bigger (80cm diameter and 18cm height) than other products on the market, which is another small plus of this product. The weight is around 3 kg including the flag. The latter is semi rigid, so it is extended and well visible also with no wind.

C4 Tavolara freediving buoy

The connection of the flag in the C4 Tavolara is well designed with a strong plastic base where to insert the mast.

Storing bag

C4 Tavolara freediving buoy

The C4 Tavolara comes with a polyestere storing bag, which makes it easy to carry the buoy. The rigidity of the PVC does not make it too simple to fold the buoy once it has been deflated, but it works.