C4 Carbon is boosting its product line for 2021, moving from a manufacturer of carbon fiber fins and spearguns, to a company offering the complete line of spearfishing and freediving equipment. With Ciceri brothers back in action, this company is ready to conquer a big chunk of the market. The two new knives, C4 Naifu and C4 Naifu S (indicating the Short version) in the white version (black ones were available in the 2020 catalogue) are offered for next year, with a simple but complete design and some special features that make the two knives quite unique.

C4 Naifu & Naifu S knives and sheaths


C4 Naifu & Naifu S in the sheath before locking
Symmetrical, anatomical, made of 30% glass loaded 6.6 Nylon, of white colour, which definitely helps find it if accidentally lost in the seafloor, the handle of the C4 Naifu is compact but not excessively, with the length of 105 mm covering almost all the hand width, and the thickness (15 mm) and width (40 mm) of the handle sufficient for a good grip. The handle of the C4 Naifu S is definitely shorter, making the knife extremely compact, with dimensions of the handle 80 mm long, 39 mm wide and 14 mm thick, as measured by AP. Both the C4 Naifu and the C4 Naifu S handles have a line passage on the back which has the double function of locking the knife to the sheath and to give the opportunity to pass a thin security line inside the hole to link it to the sheath and avoid losing the knife by accident. On the rear of the handle of the C4 Naifu there is a final metal part usable as a small hammer.
C4 Naifu & Naifu S handle line passages


The first thing to notice about the blade of both C4 Naifu and C4 Naifu S is the white Teflon non-stick coating, which evidently is there to protect the blade from rusting and avoid pieces of fish or other materials getting stuck on it. Nice general and unique look of both knives entirely white.

C4 Naifu e Naifu S blades

C4 Naifi and C4 Naifu S are complete with double blades, a standard one on one side and the toothed one with constant toothing on the other. The material of the blade, apart from the white coating, is SUS420B (X30Cr13) stainless steel vacuum tempered at 1,020 ° C and cooled with nitrogen at 20 atm. Dimensions of the blade of the C4 Naifu are 98 mm length x 20 mm width x 4 mm thick, while for the blade of the C4 Naifu S dimensions are 70 mm long x 16 mm wide x 4 mm thick.

The blades of both C4 Naifu and C4 Naifu S end with a very pronounced spear point tip.

C4 Naifu & Naifu S blade pronounced spear point tips

The C4 Naifu is really complete, both with the shaft unblocking system and shaft straightening system. The C4 Naifu S is instead too short for these two options and has its strength in its compactness.


C4 Naifu & Naifu S in sheath locked

The sheat is simple Random Polypropylene material. The fixing system of the knife in the sheath is obtained in both the C4 Naifu and the C4 Naifu S with a locking system made of a “button” entering a hole on the grip of the knives. On the C4 Naifu S this “button” is made of rubber, while on the C4 Naifu it is made of plastic material.

C4 Naifu S knife to the sheath locking system
C4 Naifu knife to the sheath locking system

The sheath in both cases is well refined and particularly light. On the C4 Naifu S the sheath has a single passage either for the waist belt or for the arm with two included rubber straps, while on the C4 Naifu the passages are two, one large one for the belt or the rubber strap and one smaller one for the second rubber strap also included for positioning on the calf.

For technical data sheet of the C4 Naifu and C4 Naifu S click here.