The idea of designing the new C4 insoles, part of MB (Marco Bardi) Concept&Design line, perfectly adapts to the very compact and extremely advanced design of the revolutionary C4 200 foot-pockets (see our dossier & X-rays on the C4 S-990 fins). In particular, the underfoot attachment of the foot-pocket to the blade significantly reduces turbulence so increasing the efficiency of the water flow. In this way, the C4 200 line fins are able to fully exploit fluid dynamics.

The shape of the foot-pocket is smooth and compact to achieve a very high water penetration. Another feature not to be underestimated, in addition to the innovative materials with which the foot-pocket is manufactured, is its weight. The C4 200 foot-pocket is in fact the lightest on the market! The efficiency of the kick and the comfort of the foot are incredibly increased thanks to the new C4 insoles. This “accessory” is the key element to make all the amazing features of the 200 fins line work at best. Let’s take a deep look at the new C4 insoles.

The kick

With regard to the transmission of force from the foot to the blade, a further step forward has been taken thanks to the new C4 insoles. With their anatomical shape, they optimize the planar shape of the foot-pockets under the arch of the foot, improve the control of the finning and increase the propulsive force.


The ergonomics of the C4 insole, which reproduces precisely the shape of the left and right foot, considerably increases comfort. The foot-pocket, in fact, as it does not have a left and right anatomy, has empty spaces present between itself and the foot. With the new revolutionary C4 insole, such sacs of water are reduced to the minimum. As a result, the adherence between the foot and the foot-pocket is greatly increased. This aspect is key to the efficiency of the kick and it is often underestimated by the divers. In fact, you can have the best fin blade on the market, but if the transmission of the force between the foot and the blade is not correct, the final result and thrust generated by the kick is poor.

The great improvement in the fit of the foot in the foot-pocket evidently also results also in a net increase in comfort. This is thanks to the reduction of the water sacs. The flow of cold water inside the foot-pocket is reduced. As a result the foot is kept warmer, especially in Winter, and thus limiting the risk of cramps. This is additionally improved by the fact that the C4 insole has also an insulating effect.


The C4 insole has been designed specifically for diving. For such reason the materials have been deeply studied. They resist the wear and tear in time when used in the sea water challenging conditions, where salt is particularly aggressive on traditional meaterials. The different elements in the inferior part of the C4 insole have different colors depending on the hardness of the material used. The weight of the C4 insole is only 50 grams.


The C4 insoles are available in three sizes, so that they can be used with foot-pockets from size 38 to size 45. Thanks to the possibility of being cut to size on a pre-existing cutting line, the insoles fit perfectly with all C4 foot-pockets. They can, by the way, also be used with many other models of different brands on the market. In general, one can use the insole with the same size foot-pocket utilized normally. The C4 insole can though help to perfection the fit in slightly large foot-pockets. The best solution can be to use the same size foot-pockets with a slightly thinner sock.

(Texts by Gerardo Frustaci)