C4 Carbon has launched the C4 Extreme Camu wetsuit in 2020, entering directly the wetsuits sector, and this year increasing its presence with two other extraordinary and revolutionary wetsuits, that we will present soon. The C4 Extreme Camu wetsuit is instead more traditional, and affordable, but with some interesting solutions. 

Materials and protections

Made of Sheico internally open-cell neoprene and externally lined with Nylon texture and with 3D camouflage, the C4 Extreme Camu wetsuit, that we received in the 6.5 mm thickness, but also available in 3 and 5 mm, is quite a traditional solution, but with some interesting characteristics that improve overall performance and have potentially an eye also on the environment. 

Protections on the C4 Extreme Camu wetsuit are present on the chest, with an additional patch and a rubber printed protection, with an anti-slip function, and on the knees with a Supratex cover. On the elbows there are no additional protections, so the only cover is the external lining present on all the wetsuit. 

The lower part of the jacket is lined also internally in the frontal area where the clips for the closure of the beaver-tail are positioned, obtaining a more robust solution.

C4 Extreme wetsuit

Finishings and cuts

A limited number of neoprene parts improve the general strength of the wetsuit and the elasticity reducing the number of stitchings and also improving the thermal insulation, as sewings in the neoprene are areas where water enters.

The underarm area for example has one single piece of neoprene going all the way from the wrists to the base of the jacket, with an increase in the elasticity of this key area. The back of the jacket is one piece, but the upper part has an interesting cut to better adapt to the body of the spearo. 

Also, the pants have a very specific cut, with the frontal part made of 4 vertical elements of neoprene sewen together, while the rear part has two vertical sewings, but no horizontal one behind the knees, avoiding to have stitchings that often can feel uncomfortable for the skin of the spearo in such a delicate area of the body. 

The profiles of the wrists, ankles and face are made of sewed edges, which is definitely a more simple and less refined solution compared to the folded externally smooth neoprene solution. 

The pants have a high waist, 42 cm high at the front and 45 cm at the rear, and also have very useful double Nylon bands for hanging them easily for drying.

Special solutions

The TÜV certified neoprene certified for the absence of any chemical materials which can damage the environment or human health such as phthalates and latex.

Plus and minus


  • Innovative cuts and reduced stitchings 
  • Nylon bands to hang the pants
  • Good overall protections and resistance


  • Finishings of wrists, ankles and face profiles are sewed
  • The lined frontal internal area of the jacket and external lined parts waist do not generate the best sealing

For the complete data chart of the C4 Extreme Camu wetsuit click here