Blue Green

The Greek artisan company that has astonished all of us with the fantastic Blue Green Falcon, is present in this dossier with a high quality product, starting from the 100% stainless steel release mechanism, the Blue Green Vampire.

This article is part of the dossier “Best sling spearguns between 100 and 200 €”


Blue Green Vampire

The Blue Green Vampire is available in the lengths of 65cm (without reel) and 75cm-85cm-95cm-105cm with a 30m reel, filled with polyester line. List price of the 65 cm version is equal to 145 €, while price on the web is around 130 €. The first version with reel, the Vampire 75 cm, has a list price of 182 € and on-line discounted price of around 164 €.

Technical characteristics

Muzzle and elastic bands
Blue Green Vampire muzzle & circular elastic band

Blue Green Vampire has a special 30% glass loaded open/closed muzzle, as it has an additional steel bridge, that can be dismounted, passing from closed to open muzzle solution. The design of the muzzle helps to best position the circular elastic bands for higher efficiency of the shot. The Blue Green Vampire is offered with one 17.5 mm diameter circular band, with 3.3 (330%) elongation coefficient. A second circular elastic band can be added in a second inferior separated open passage designed in the muzzle. The latter is short and compact, obtaining weight reduction and better hydrodynamics for better brandishing. The line passage (fairlead) is integrated in the inferior part of the muzzle, with a robust stainless steel shaft for greater toughness and resistacne to wear. The wishbone is the Dyneema tied solution.

Blue Green Vampire muzzle & circular elastic band inferior view
Blue Green Vampire barrel with integrated shaft guide and inferior reinforcement

Barrel is with circular section and made of aerospace aluminum alloy, external diameter has a base value of 28mm, but varies. In fact, in the upper part the shaft guide rail is integrated, while in the inferior part the thickness of the barrel increases from 1 to 2 mm. This determines a great stiffness of the barrel, improving precision of the shot. Sealing of connection between muzzle-barrel-handle is done with double O-rings plus rubber plug. This improves sealing, and helps when the gun si dismounted, still it determines a loss of internal air volume and so some buouancy.

Release mechanism

Release mechanism, including bridge and trigger, is 100% in 316 stainless steel material.

Blue Green Vampire release mechanism

The line release is the optimal lateral position with lever also in 316 stainless steel for best resistance to shocks and wear. There is no security system.


The handle is one single piece, including the gun butt, in 30% glass loaded Nylon. Grip is slightly anatomical and symmetrical to adapt to left and right handers. It has a white elastic polymer as antislip solution, also perfect for best visibility of the speargun when this is for example left on the bottom of the sea after a shot.

Blue Green Vampire handle right view
Blue Green Vampire handle left view

Below the handgrip a passage integrated with the handle is present to tie a line. The frontal part of the handle initiates the shaft guide that continues on the barrel. Two very small wings positioned laterally are present to facilitate loading without interfering with the Nylon line and also to clean the line of aim from it. The rear part the handle is complete with a good dimensions gun butt covered in the final part with elastic polymer as anti slip solution. This part has maybe a little too much an artisan look.


Shaft is made in 50 HRC (Rockwell hardness) stainless steel and is 6.5 mm diameter with single barb and 3 shark fins, the frontal of which with a hole for the line. The area of the barb has no machining for improving penetration.

Comes with

30 m reel complete with polyester line, sleeves and black Nylon line.

In brief

The Blue Green Vampire 75 sets itself in the high part of the dossier price wise, still it is offered complete of reel and line, so this surely is something key in evaluating the final price. Moreover, the 100% 316 stainless steel release mechanism and the shark fins shaft surely position this speargun also in the high end of the dossier performance wise.

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