The Blue Green Smooth Camo wetsuit is the camouflage version of the open cell interior smooth exterior neopren wetsuit by the Greeck company. Offer by Blue Green is completed with the externally lined versions: Challenge, Grouper Advanced and Challenge Camo. 

Another deep analysis of a Blue Green product, after the Advance Carbon fins and the Falcon Open 90.

In brief

The Blue Green Smooth Camo wetsuit received is in the green base camouflage version, 7 mm jacket and 5.5 mm pants, but available thicknesses are 3.5, 5.5, 7 and 8 mm. Neoprene is the very special Heiwa AWS SK, and the wetsuit can be both standard measure or taylor made. Well preformed arms, legs and body are an attent finishing of a very refined wetsuit.

For the complete technical data sheet of the Blue Green Smooth Camo click here.

Material and protections

As anticipated, key in the Smooth Camo wetsuit is the use of the advanced and top of the line neoprene, the Heiwa AWS SK. This material is designed with extra small cells (high den­sity) within the neo­prene core, to ensure min­i­mum com­pres­sive shrink­age, main­tain­ing its smooth­ness and insu­la­tion prop­er­ties at all depths. The softness of the neorpene is finally remarkable.

There are actually no external lined patches at all on the Blue Green Smooth Camo received for the X-Rays, nor is there a sternal protection to help loading the sling gun even internally to the jacket, at least for the 7 mm version. Indeed the thinner versions do have an additional 3 or 5 mm patch to thicken the sternal area and help loading the speargun.


Finishings and cuts

The standard version of the wetsuit (size 4 for both jacket and pants for a 183 cm high and 85 kg spearo) adapts perfectly to the body, also thanks to the very soft and elastic Heiwa neoprene. Always consider buying, if necessary, different sizes (and thicknesses as in our case) of the wetsut. One might think a large is good for jacket and pants, but sometimes it is not so, and size is key for comfort and warmth. All borders on wrists, cap profile and anckles are in folded smooth neoprene to reinforce and to give a little more tightness in those areas for better sealing effect. Great solution is to have a shifted closing line on these borders, between the foded neoprene and the closure of the neoprene on arms, legs and cap, so there is not a single line of bonding and the structure is more resistant. This permits to have no stitchings at all on wrists, anckles and cap-chin areas. 


To give more strength to the pants the border of the waist is finished with a stitched lining, which is anyway incredibly elastic.

Same solution is applied to the lower border of the jacket, but in this case this is stitched to externally lined neoprene. Other lined neorpene is, in fact, in the inseams of the pants, and in the lower part of the jacket, all around the waist. This neoprene band is not high at all and actually reduced to the minimum, to obtain as much smooth surface as possible on the jacket, both for more comfort and faster drying. Internally all the neoprene, even in such area of the jacket, is open cell, for better sealing effect and consequent thermal insulation improvement.

Only double lined neoprene is on the beaver tail. Closing system of the latter is with Velcro.

Bondings are of very good quality and have the important double glueing solution internally, for higher strength and duration in time (smooth neoprene wetsuit will always need, for any brand, some glueing maintenance in time, what differs is the frequency needed for such maintenance). There are usuful and neat neoprene buttons in the triple bonding areas, as underarm, to strengthen the connection.


Camouflage on the Smooth Camo received is in green-white color on black neoprene, and does not cover all the wetsuit, utilizing the solution of image breakdown. 

Suits can also be tex­tured to match any cam­ou­flage pat­tern using the unique, and only avail­able through BLUE-​GREENCOL­OR­PENE dye paints for neo­prene. Blue Green, in fact, utilizes a full pallet of colors, and can paint all the wetsuit, or half, or just specific parts, as the customer wants. Many times spearos send Blue Green the photo of what camouflage they would like or what kind of sea bottom there is in the area where they spearfish and what colours they would like, and Blue Green produces the exact camouflage requested.

Spearo in action with Blue Green Smoot Camo perfectly camouflaged with same colour of wreck
Image breakdown solution on Blue Green Smooth Camo wetsuit
Fully camouflaged Smooth Camo wetsuit