The Blue Green Smooth Black solution in the 7 mm version is definitely a great solution for Winter and cold water use. 

Materials and protections

The Blue-Green Smooth Black wetsuit is made of Heiwa SK AWS neoprene. This material is designed with extra small cells (high den­sity) within the neo­prene core, to ensure min­i­mum com­pres­sive shrink­age, main­tain­ing its smooth­ness and insu­la­tion prop­er­ties at all depths. This determines an orientation towards greater strength, a slightly reduced softness, but better performance at medium, high depths, compared to shallow water, but we will definitely test this. Also, greater density reduces the buoyancy of the neoprene, with the need to wear a lower quantity of weights, for better general comfort.

There are no external lined protections on the Blue Green Smooth Black wetsuit, which is so orientated to the maximum elasticity of all parts and also fast drying and great thermal insulation when out of water, eventually moving around with the dinghy and going in and out of water in every spot. Evidently, no external lined protection on the knees and on the elbows makes it a little more critical to enter and exit the water from a rocky coast, even though, as said the neoprene is high density and so also has a good resistance even though it is smooth open cell. 

The sternal protection is present also on the 7 mm wetsuit with an internal open-cell smooth 3 mm thick neoprene patch. Available thicknesses of the neoprene are in fact, for both pants and jacket, 3.5, 5.5 and 7 mm.


Finishings and cuts

Top-quality finishings are present on the Blue Green Smooth Black wetsuit, with the borders of wrists, ankles and face contour made with folded internally lined and externally smooth neoprene. The high waist pants measure 40 cm at the front and 47 cm at the rear, focusing on the protection of the back, while the border is covered with a strip of Nylon to reinforce it. 

The lower part of the jacket is made of externally lined neoprene to reinforce the area, but the internal part is totally open cell to seal perfectly with the externally smooth neoprene of the pants, improving thermal insulation. 

The neoprene parts of both jacket and pants are limited to the minimum to increase resistance. The back of the jacket is one piece, with generous dimensions to well adapt to the body when the spearo is on the surface of the water bent forward. The underarm has a traditional rhomboidal shape. A special diagonal cut separates the upper part of the legs from the lower part and generates a preformed shape.

All internal bondings are double for best finishing and resistance. The chin is closed with bonding and no stitching.

Beavertail is the only internally lined part of neoprene of the jacket and has a Velcro closing system. 


Special solutions

The Blue Green Smooth Black wetsuit focuses on all smooth open-cell Heiwa SK AWS neoprene, a special top-quality high-density solution with best equilibrium between elasticity, warmth, no compression and resistance. 

Plus and Minus


  • Dries immediately and so warm even in cold weather when exiting the water
  • Double bondings internally both on pants and jacket
  • No stitchings in any critical area for best comfort
  • High density reduces the compression in-depth and increases the resistance of the neoprene


  • High-density neoprene is soft but not the softest on the market
  • No externally lined protections on knees and elbows can be critical when entering and exiting at a rocky coast

For the complete data chart of the Blue Green Smooth Black wetsuit click here.