After being astonished by the quality of the Falcon Open 90 by Blue Green, solution with double circular bands, we have analyzed its bigger cousin, the Falcon Inverted Polyplast, where quality is again of extreley high level.

Blue Green Company

Blue Green is a Greek company founded in the ’90s by Giorgios Karatzas, experienced spearo and CMAS Freediving instructor. The strength of the company is the great experience of its founder and R&D brought forward by engineers and sportmen (in particular spearos and freedivers). The company today has a leading role in the Greek market, while it exports products also in Italy, France, Spain and Portugal, which are very tough adn experienced markets. In recent years to the more traditionally built products, Blue Green has added equipment mode of advanced materials such as carbon fiber, kevlar and dyneema.

In brief

Made of a unique 100% carbon fiber piece,  the Falcon Inverted Polyplast 110, equipped with inverter system, has its strength in the patented grip made of a single piece with the release mechanism box, the magnetic system to attach the shaft to the speargun (MSH system), the quality of the nano blocks pulleys, the new anatomical grip and the great length between the axle of the wheels of the inverter and the last shark fin on the shaft for best efficiency of the shot.

The barrel

Made of a single piece of high modulus carbon fiber from the muzzle to the sternal support, the barrel of the Falcon Inverter Polyplast 110 has circular section of 3 cm and 2 mm thick walls, to guarantee best resistance to flextion and greater buoyancy for greater diameter shafts. On the muzzle the tube is full and cut diagonally, as it is full also in the trigger area, where the barrel is cut to make a thinner section. The upper part of the barrel has a concave longitudinal profile that works as shaft guide, but this leaves the shaft completely free, as to avoid possible additional friction.

Falcon Inverted Polyplast muzzle & barrel

The muzzle

A unique peace with the barrel, the muzzle is 100% high modulus carbon fiber. The tube is full in such area and the end of the muzzle is cut diagonally and covered with PU rubber sealant to finish up the tip of the speargun. The passage of the line is made with a vertical cut on the right side of the tip of the muzzle, while the retainer of the line is completed with a stainless steel U shaped wire inserted on the left side of the muzzle.

The inverter system is made with two 2.6 cm internal, where the pure 100% dyneema line passes, and 3 cm external diameter acetal wheels, mounted on stainless-steel ball bearings and turning around a 316L stainless-steel 6 mm diameter axis.

Inverter muzzle lateral
Inverter muzzle inferior

The inverter system continues down the lines towards the grip with Nano Blocks pullies. These are designed to orga­niz­e and support the load of rub­bers for inverted – polyspast spear­guns. This pul­ley sys­tem is opti­mized to ensure max­i­mum per­for­mance and reli­a­bil­ity. The design and mate­ri­als, 316L Marine stain­less-steel and bronze, of Nano Blocks are cho­sen for the high­est per­for­mance in sea water and have a 350Kg max­i­mum work­ing load.

Nano Blocks by Blue Green
Nano Blocks

The muzzle is complete with the interesting MSH technology (Magnetic Shaft Holder), that consists in inserting a magnet in the carbon fiber muzzle so to keep the shaft well stuck to the speargun and also help during the loading phase, as the shaft will be kept in position even though the line is not yet rolled around it.

Inverted muzzle with MSH magnet system


Grip and release mechanism

As for the Falcon Open, on the Falcon Inverted Polyplast we find, in the grip area, a very important patent by Blu Green, with the grip made of one piece together with the release mechanism box, giving additional rigidity to the whole structure. The material of grip and release mechanism box is 316L stainless steel.



Important is also the design of the upper part of the barrel on the trigger area which is reduced in section (and full) to optimize the alignment of the hand to the shaft. Not only, also the rear position of the release mechanism is extremely accentuated, moving back the tang of the shaft respect to the position of th handle. This permits to have a distance from the tip of the muzzle to the tang of the shaft equal to 136 cm. We must though consider that the Falcon 110 has actually greater length than traditonal sperguns, and is equivalent to a 120 or 125 cm speargun.

Falcon Inverted Polyplast Grip e release mechanism left side

The shape of the new grip, made in special epoxy plastic, is strongly anatomical, available also left hander in this shape, or symmetrical with a less anatomical shape for left and right handers use. The line holder clip is easily movable from one side to the other uncrewing one single screw (originally it is positioned on the right).

Grip and release mechanism right side

The release mechanism, entirely designed and manufactured by Blue Green, as the entire Falcon Inverted Polyplast, is also 100% 316L stainless steel, including trigger and hilt.

Release mechanism shaft in
Release mechanism shaft out



The shaft is 150 cm long and has 7.5 mm diameter, and is made of 17-4PH stainless steel. The barb is double, partially ingraved in the shaft, with circular section tip. The connecting mechanism of the lined wishbone to the shaft is made of 5 shark fins, one mid shaft tom help reload, three close to the release mechanism and one moved more forward and with a hole where the Nylon line is connected. A fifth is advanced at mid length of the shaft to help reloading.

5 shark fins of Falcon Inverted Polyplast shaft

Elastic bands

The Facon Inverted Polyplast 110 is set standard with two couples of 16 mm diameter bands in Latex, with 3.3 elongation coefficient, and one couple of 20 mm diameter bands of 3.6 elongation coefficient.


Falcon Inverted Polyplast Elastic bands


The Impact Reel has an extremely neat design and is made with the structure in 316L stainless steel of 1.5 mm thickness, while central part is in a synthetic polyacetal material, totally resistant to water absorbtion and has excellent mechanical properties, guaranteeing durability and stregth in time. Clutch of the reel is with automatic release system, meaning that once the fish is shot the clutch opens completely, so to avoid diffiuclties for the spearo to reach the water surface with the line connected to the prey. This is a tipical Greek solution, useful especially when fishing deep.

Blue Green Impact Reel

Available reels are in 5 sizes, Small, Medium, Large, XLarge and XXLarge, and can hold from 30 to 110 meters of line, suggested in 1.2 mm diameter for the Small reel and in 2 mm diameter for XLarge and XXLarge. The standard reel on the Falcon 90 Open received is the Medium.

To download technical data sheet of Blue Green Falcon Inverted Polyplast 110 click here.

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