The new Beuchat Shark mask is well refined and puts together good solutions and an amazingly compact design with reduced internal volume (that will be measured by Apnea Passion in the next weeks in a Super Test).

The chassis

The frameless solution used for the design of the Beuchat Shark mask evidently positions this product in the high segment indicated for expert spearos and freedivers who perform high depths and need low internal volume and hydrodinamicity. In-fact, the chassis being integrated through a thermal bonding with the facial and the lenses of the mask permits a reduction of various mm of distance between the lenses and the eyes, determining a strong internal volume reduction and also an increase in the field of view. The aim of the French company, in-fact, has been to combine low internal volume and external compactness with an extremely high field of view. The very small internal volume of the Beuchat Shark mask determines a significant reduction of the effort needed to equalise pressure inside the mask itself when diving. Beuchat indicates in a low 99 cmthe internal volume of the mask. Apnea Passion will measure such value in the coming weeks. The width of the chassis measured by Apnea Passion is 15.4 cm.

The lenses

Special ultra-clear HD lenses for faithful colour rendering and improved contrast are mounted on the Beuchat Shark mask. In addition, the design of these lenses is deeply studied to permit the best field of view in every direction, and this can be noted by the shape of their external profile. Apnea Passion has measured the maximum width and height of the lenses equal to 58 mm in both directions

The facial 

The facial of the mask, made in silicone and available in a wonderful red, in traditional black, in green, blu and light blu, is extremely refined. The external surface has differentiated areas with glossy and matt/grainy solutions to reduce overall light reflection so the spearo is less visible to fish. Moreover, the facial grainy texture helps prevent the fingers slipping during adjustment and during pressure equalisation manoeuvres. Beuchat indicates that the Shark mask is designed to incorporate sharp edges and curves to beak up the silhouette in the same way as a stealth aircraft. The width of the facial measured by Apnea Passion is 12.3 cm and the height is 9.7 cm.

Rear head strap

The rear strap is also well designed, with an aggressive look, but mostly resulting in a wide rear support band that well adapts to the head. The strap is connected to the facial but very close to the chassis so the facial itself does not deform under the pull of the strap. The micro-adjustment system for closer fitting, better grip and greater comfort, seems well designed and resistant.