Beuchat, leader in wetsuit design, offers recently the new Redrock, a red base camo solution with totally lined neoprene, where the external cover is the fantastic Elaskin X 8.6.

Materials and protections

The neoprene of the Beuchat Redrock is not specified by the company except for the use of external lining in Elaskin X 8.6, a special solution by Beuchat, while the rubber itself is an eco-friendly solution made mainly by a natural component, limestone. 

High-strength Supratex reinforcements are present on elbows and knees, for the best possible protection. A reinforced stress pad is integrated internally as sternal protection to provide improved comfort when loading long, powerful spearguns. The grip is also improved thanks to an external PU cover. Such cover is not a solid element, but a fragmented solution to avoid limiting the elasticity of the chest area. 

A new red camouflage from the fusion of the Trigocamo Wide solution and a black base to further break up the spearfisher’s silhouette. In addition, red has the ability to fade in grey with depth.














Finishings and cuts

The Beuchat Redrock has an excellent solution for the face contour, where there is on a single piece of continuous neoprene all around the face that determines the total absence of stitchings not bondings and so maximum resistance and, even more, comfort.  

Very well-refined are wrists and ankles, in addition to the face profile, with externally smooth and internally lined neoprene, that has both the aim of increasing comfort and improving thermal insulation thanks to a better seal. 

The lower part of the jacket of the Beuchat Redrock internally is almost totally open-cell.

The beavertail is well made and reinforced with a thick elastic Nylon lining that goes all the way along the inferior border of the jacket. 

The underarm area is made with extremely long patches of neoprene going all the way down to the waist are of the jacket, with a unique design compared to more standard solutions coming from other brands. This also applies to the rear of the jacket that has a very particular cut, with a one-piece foil of neoprene on the top part of the back, then seamed with a curved profile to another foil of neoprene in the lower part. This should generate a very comfortable and adherent to the body solution to avoid sacs of water and so increase thermal insulation. 

The pants have the traditional Beuchat “Long John” style with shoulder straps, which are very useful to perfectly lift the pants and well cover the entire frontal and rear part of the body, especially tummy and back. Still, this solution for many is not so comfortable. This aspect is well solved by Beuchat with the  PreCut System (Beuchat patented) that permits the transformation of the pants into high waist cut ones. In such a version the waist is 43 cm high both frontally and at the rear. Very important is the fact that the pants waist is made of thinner neoprene to help comfort and breathing, equal to 3 mm for the 5 mm pants, and 5 mm for the 7 mm pants.

Special solutions

The Elaskin X 8.6 neoprene is a very interesting and quality solution. 8.6 indicates the noeprene material (8) and the external lining (6). This solution is though less elastic than the Elaskin X8.8 of the Beuchat Espadon Prestige, which is probably the softest lined neoprene on the market). The specific cuts of neoprene both for the face contour and for the back of the jacket are definitely very deeply researched options, just as other cuts to preform the jacket and the ants of the Beuchat Redrock. 

Plus and Minus


  • Elaskin X8.6 is soft and resistant
  • Specific Beuchat cuts for best comfort and thermal insulation
  • Good finishings of all edges and protections


  • Totally lined neoprene with Supratex protections soaks with water and does not dry fast

For the complete data chart of the Beuchat Redrock wetsuit click here.