After quite some years the inventor of the first speargun has launched the Beuchat Hero, which perfectly fits in this dossier with a list price of 165 € for the shortest version, the 75 cm, being the complete line made also of 80, 90, 100, 110 and 120 cm. Checking best on-line price offer of the Beuchat Hero 75, DiveInn indicates 148.99 € at the time this article is published, but you can check updated best guaranteed on-line price at this link.

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Beuchat Hero

Beuchat Hero

In the very centre of the dossier as far as price is concerned, Beuchat Hero is not revolutionary, but indeed perfectly designed in every detail, where the visual quality is evident. Upgrade solutions are present and, at a close look, all possible details are there for a product that seems to put together easy of use, quality and performance.

Technical characteristics

Muzzle e bands

Beuchat Hero 75 comes with a circular Megatonne band of 18 mm diameter. The muzzle is in techno-polymer reinforced with glass fibre and beads. The muzzle gives the possibility to add another circular elastic band. The design of the head is totally new, with a very compact shape with stainless steel line guide, cellular structure to reduce the weight of the head, increase buoyancy and minimize lateral drag.

Beuchat Hero muzzle, shaft & circular band

Line attachment/passage ring below the muzzle is welded for increased resistance.

Beuchat Hero inferior view of muzzle, shaft & circular band

The wishbone is textile Technora 1.9 mm of diameter.


The barrel is a 28 mm diameter lightweight aluminium tube of 1 mm thick walls and integral spear guide with low-profile rail, this having both function of reinforcement to the barrel and improvement of directionality of the shot. Barrel assembly with the handle and the muzzle is sealed on both sides by double O-rings for increased buoyancy.

Beuchat hero barrel with integrated shaft guide
Release mechanism

Release mechanism is 100% 316 L stainless steel solution, including its cassette, the trigger and the trigger guard. The system can take a 7 mm diameter spear with 2 mm line. A short trigger travel solution has been designed for improved accuracy and speed during quick shots. The line release lever, also in stainless steel, is reversible and can be shifted to left and right position.

Beuchat Hero handle & release mechanism

The security lever is lateral and on both sides, even if not of big dimensions, but can be definately felt by the spearo to advise him on safety set on or off.


The handle is made, just as the muzzle, with techno-polymer reinforced with glass fibre and beads. It is covered with an anti-slip elastomer for optimum grip with or without gloves. The inclination for natural arm-speargun alignment is optimized. The handle includes useful side fins for line clearance. The reel-holder rail is located against the guard for more compact design. Design is thought to mount a Beuchat Reel (best guaranteed on line price click here). In the bottom part of the handgrip there is a range line passage, one piece with the grip, for positioning a line.

Beuchat Hero handle & release mechanism right view
Beuchat Hero handle & release mechanism left view

In the rear part the handle a well designed and good dimensions dismountable gun butt is present, with a specific cutaway profile to keep sight line clear.

Beuchat Hero rear butt cutaway profile

6.5mm diameter TAHITIAN LUGS shaft with single barb, 3 shark fins and additional cone on the point to improve penetration, including barb retainer O-ring.

Comes with

Nylon line, sleeves and shock absorber.

In brief

In general the Beuchat Hero represents seemingly a very well designed product that puts together all high level solutions, such as 100% steel components, compact open muzzle, circular band, integrated shaft guide, double O-rings seal between handle – barrel and muzzle – barrel, shark fins shaft, side fins for line clearance, reversible line release stainless steel lever and double side security block. Overall a simple to use speargun, with no real revolution in it, but all key elements needed and apparently well designed.

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