The most developed power version of the new Beuchat Hero is the Revo Concept solution, a special Roller system with specific interesting solutions designed by the French company. Let’s check in detail what this 100% Made in France speargun offers among the best spearguns between 200 and 300 € price range.

The handle and release mechanism

100% stainless steel release mechanism, including the trigger, release tooth, box and, as a particular feature, the hilt, but with a polyamide loaded with 30% of fiberglass base, permits to have the maximum resistance of the various elements of the system, still reducing weight, noise and friction to the minimum. The polyamide loaded with a 30% fiberglass base is well designed with the integrated shaft guide that, thanks to two high edges, perfectly centers the shaft. The system is of the inverted type to be able to shift the point of connection shaft-release tooth as backward as possible for the best efficiency of the shot. The lateral line release lever can be switched left or right.

The handle is in polyamide loaded with 30% of fiberglass, and so is the chest support, which is detachable simply by pulling out a pin, in is hallow in the central part for weight reduction. The handle is complete with two small refined lateral wings to position the monofilament out of the way.

The grip is strongly anatomical and asymmetrical, so adequate either for left or right-handers. The cover is in a special white elastomer, well visible on the seafloor. The safety system lever is on both sides of the handle, which is good, but could be a little bigger to be more perceivable wearing a neoprene glove, so the spearo would be informed automatically if the system is locked or not.

Beuchat Hero Revo Concept handle
Beuchat Hero Revo Concept release mechanism


The barrel is a circular section 28 mm diameter aluminum tube with an integrated open track shaft guide. The sealed connection between the barrel, the handle, and the muzzle is obtained with double O-rings. In the inferior part of the barrel on the side of the handle, a 30% glass loaded Nylon structure mounted with a bilateral Allen screw. This structure will support the reel and hook, in two different positions, the inferior circular elastic band of the Revo System. Lengths available of the barrel are limited to 75, 90 and 100, but definitely sufficient for almost all need of the spearo looking for this kind of speargun. 

Beuchat Hero Revo Concept barrel
Beuchat Hero Revo Concept system elastic band hooks


The Roller System muzzle is quite white but also narrow in the vertical direction. Made of 30% glass loaded Nylon, the design of the muzzle sees a base structure with a secondary one that holds the two wheels and mounted on the first using screws. The wheels are mounted on an axle using an Allen screw, and they spin on bearings. There are holes on the base structure to reduce weight, while the “arms” holding the wheels show some veins to reinforce the component. The elastic bands are two circulars, connected one to the other with a Nylon band, and diameter of 16 mm. 

Beuchat Hero Revo Concept Roller muzzle
Beuchat Hero Revo Concept Roller muzzle – inferior view


Beuchat Hero Revo Concept shaft tip

The Tahitian shaft is a 6.5 mm diameter, with a single inferior barb, high penetration cone on the tip, which is tricuspid for best penetration and resistance. Connection to the wishbone is obtained with three welded shark fins.

List price of the Beuchat Hero Revo Concept starts from just fits in the dossier, with 289.90 €.

To download the complete technical chart of the Beuchat Hero Revo Concept click here