Companies and products

After the first dossier of best sling spearguns below 100 € list price, we are now moving to professional spearguns by all means, shifteing to what is probably the most important segment of the market of sling spearguns, the best products between 100 and 200 €, which actually includes spearguns that are indeed becoming professional tools for more expert spearos. Indeed, again, we will check the offers available with discounts on DiveINN website, a website chosen as it is complete with almost any spearfishing product, and which insures the best price guaranteed solution. Huge participation of companies proud of their products in this Dossier, making it a real document presenting the best spearguns on the international market in this specific price range. For you, now, it is just a matter choosing your preferred sling speargun among the best international offer, after reading through all the descriptions and viewing all detailed photos.

The companies included in the dossier are, in alphabetical order: Beuchat, Blue Green, Cressi, Epsealon, Mares, Meandros, PathosPicasso, Salvimar,and Sigalsub. All indications on materials have been supplied directly by the companies through written emails.

Below links to all detailed descriptions of best sling spearguns present in this dossier in alphabetical order by brand:

Beuchat Hero

Blue Green Vampire

Cressi Cherokee

Cressi Cherokee Open

Cressi Comanche Pacific

Cressi Moicano Camu

Epsealon Striker Pro

Mares Viper Pro

Meandros b 28 M4/M14/Open complete & b 32 complete

Pathos Laser Open

Pathos Saragos

Picasso Cobra Roller Light

Picasso Magnum Power

Picasso Magnum Rail Light

Salvimar Metal

Salvimar V-Pro

Salvimar Vodoo 

Salvimar Vodoo Rail Open

Salvimar Wild Carbo Roller

Sigalsub Nemesis

General conclusions

We have in this dossier almost all the possible offers on the international market, meaning all best technical solutions for spearguns with list price between 100 and 200 €. Finally the list price have defined the selection of the brands and sling spearguns models, but it is the best on-line price which finally impacts you as a passionate reader and spearo. So, below you can find the table of best on-line prices guaranteed of all sling spearguns presented in the dossier, from where to pick, if you wish, your preferred product, after having read all details on the links above and having seen all photos of this amazing selection of 22 different sling spearguns.

Best guaranteed on-line prices

Brand & Model (link for lowest guaranteed on-line price) Discounted Price in € from cheapest at date of article publication (2 march 2020)
Salvimar Vodoo 60 77.99
Pathos Saragos 50 105.5
Cressi Moicano 60 109
Salvimar Vodoo Rail Open 60 112.99
Pathos Laser Open 50 115
Cressi Cherokee 60 119
 Picasso Magnum Rail Light 60 119.99
Salvimar V-Pro 75 124
Mares Viper Pro 75 126.99
Picasso Roller Light 60 126.99
Blue Green Vampire 75 130
Cressi Comanche Pacific 75 135
Sigalsub Nemesis 64 142.49

Epsealon Striker Pro


Beuchat Hero 75


Salvimar Wild Carbo Roller 60


Salvimar Metal 75


Picasso Magnum Power 90


Meandros b28 M4 – M14 – Open 60(Complete)


Cressi Cherokee Open Camu 75


Meandros b32 85

* Prices with no discount. Discount to be checked with Meandros