Salvimar has just won the Best Choice by Apneapassion with what we believe is the best spearfishing mask on the market, the Salvimar Noah. Of course we always underline a mask is very personal and has first of all to adapt well to the diver’s face. Water seal and comfort are the most important elements of a mask. After that, the absence of fogging, even though solvable quite well with specific processes and the new ant-fog products, and low internal volume united to good field of view are extremely important when choosing a spearfishing mask. In such sense, the Salvimar Mimic is amazing in the way it appears extremely compact.

The internal volume is indicated by Salvimar as record low, while the Italian Company points out that, despite the very small lenses, also the field of view is very good. In such a way, the Mimic is definitely thought to be right for deep spearfishing and not only freediving.


Massimo Quattrone, Product Manager of Salvimar, designer of the Best Choice winning spearfishing mask, the Salvimar Noah, had with the Salvimar Mimic the extraordinary objective of designing a mask with unmatched field of vision to volume ratio. Somehow this wants to be the perfect mask for deep spearfishing or simply deep freediving.

To do this, the design of the Salvimar Mimic had to be based on a frameless solution, meaning that lenses, chassis and facepiece are thermally “glued” together with no frame. Such solution, in fact, permits to act on the distance between the lens and the eyes, bringing the two more than 5 mm closer. This determines lower internal volume and greater field of view.


Starting from the frameless solution, the design of the Salvimar Mimic focuses on the facepiece to bring eyes and lens even closer together. To avoid though the frequent risk of having the eyelashes touching the lens and so generate both an annoying effect, but also determine the loss of focus of the eyes, the facepiece has been designed with an inclination on the forehead.

Additional very careful details such as the matt finish interior of the antiallergenic silicone skirt to avoid reflections, and the wide nose area with lateral concave profiles, are important pluses of the Salvimar Mimic.


The lenses made of tempered ultra-resistant glass of 3 mm have a very aggressive look. The shape is narrow near the nose and widens progressively moving laterally and externally to the face. The six sides of the polygon profile of the lenses represent a very deep study of the mask and its field of view. Finally the lenses are extremely small, with maximum width of 5.3 cm and maximum height of 4.4 cm. Salvimar, indeed, underlines that the field of view is extremely good.

Strap and buckles

The rear strap adapts perfectly to the head, and is connected to the internal chassis through a spherical element on which the buckles rotate in every direction. This allows a perfect orientation of the strap and a precise adjustment of the tensioning, which favours the equalization manoeuvre.

Extreme compactness e lightness

The Salvimar Mimic finally weighs only 130 grams, the facepiece is 13.5 cm wide and 9.0 cm high as maximum measures. Such values make the Salvimar Mimic one of the most compact and light masks on the market. Will it also have the expected exceptional internal volume and great field of view?