The Alemanni Speedy fins in glass fiber composite have an amazing flexibility.

Alemanni differs from the majority of the brands producing fins or blades in composite material, since it concentrates 100% on the use of glass fiber, which, as Itio Alemanni, owner and founder of the company points out, is a material at all inferior to carbon fiber and with characteristics of use and softness which are instead superior if applied to the manufacturing of fin blades. Of important dimensions, the longest among the fins tested by AP, the Alemanni Speedy tested are the softest (Supersoft 02) and are mounted on the Patos foot-pockets, which are extremely light. The aim of the Speedy? The maximum thrust without loading and tiring the muscles of the legs.

Aesthetic design

Of important dimensions, the Alemanni received by AP are white colour (but there are also black, and black and white models) with a rough surface obtained during the manufacturing process of the glass fiber in the moulds under pressure in autoclave. Such superficial roughness is absolutely wanted and linked to the laws of fluid dynamics, for which a rough surface in a relative movement rspect to a fluid generates less friction compared to a smooth surface, as possibility of creation of swirls, which determine friction, is reduced. Alemanny Speedy are very neat and well built, perfectly glued to the Pathos Fireblade foot-pockets, without any glue smudges. The logos Alemanny and Speedy are golden and well refined, even though it is evident how the best looking carbon fiber blades on the market, smooth and glossy, have a higher aesthetic level.


Alemanni has not given precise indication on lamination layers, but has confirmed process is done in autoclave at very high pressure. 6 different thickness layers of glass fiber are instead visible by the different tones of white of the blade surface, which also show the straight and orthogonal direction to the length of the blade of the borders of each layer. In the following photo, voluntarily modified in the tonality, the straight lines between each layer are well visible. The material used is glass fiber Pre-Preg composite.

Dimensions and weights

Alemanni Speedy blades have the greatest dimensions among all fins and blades tested by AP, with a total length measured from the curve in front of the foot to the end of the blade equal to 76 cm, compared to the 66 cm of the C4 Mustang, the 62 cm of the Seac Motus FibrexPro (among the shortest), the 74 cm of the GFT Alpha and the 68 cm of the Pathos Abyss. The width measured internally to the water rails is 20 cm.

The weight of the Speedy blades together with the Pathos Fireblade foot-pockets, measured by AP, is equal to 860 grams. Since Alemanni declares a weight of the blades from 300 to 420 grams depending on the hardness of the blade, while Pathos declares 370 grams, it is evident that this last value is referred to the smallest measure of foot-pockets.

AP has also utilized a Palmer Caliper to measure, in an indicative way, as the dimensions are variable along the blade, the values of thickness in three different points: in front of the foot-pocket measure has not been possible as blade is glued, at half of the blade length thickness has been measured equal to 1.20 mm and at the end of the blade it is equal to 0.48 mm.

Always considering dimensions, water-rails are very short, only 7.7 cm, and height is variable from 0 to 1 cm. The angle between blade and foot-pocket is 27°.


The flexion of the Alemanny Speedy is amazing, and is present all along the blade, until the very end on the side of the flap, which actually can be rolled on itself (see video), with a flexion which is higher than any other fin tested by AP. The hardnesses available are, from the hardest to the softest; Medium, Soft, Supersoft, Supersoft 01, Supersoft 02, Atena. The latter is the newest, which is a custom product with specific characteristics for apnea champions, while the last three blades (the softest three) differ from the first three for the weight of the fiber and the kind of weaving.

Click here for the chart with all technical data of Alemanny Speedy.

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