After having deeply tested the best masks for freediving and spearfishing, below all the results. You will be, in fact, able to base your evaluations on the best masks on the market by comparing our scientific and incontestable measurements of internal volume and field of view. Plus, you will be able to read all details about each mask, regarding materials and technical solution used by each manufacturer. Of course, as always, be aware first important thing is to try out the mask as one needs to verify that it adapts at best to one’s personal unique face and so guarantees best comfort and perfect water seal.

Super Test: Seac M70

Super Test: Mares Viper 

Super Test: Omer UP-M1

Super Test: Cressi Nano

Super Test: the Salvimar Noah

Super Test: Technisub Micromask

Super Test: Cressi Zeus

Super Test: Mares X-Free

Super Test: Pathos Falco

Super Test: Cressi F1

Super Test: Mares Sealhouette

Super Test: Cressi Calibro

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