In brief

Mares Sealhouette mask is a camouflaged compact double lens dismountable mask for spearfishing. 

Mares Sealhouette mask

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The chassis

Mares Sealhouette mask has a dismountable chassis which has good thick dimensions generating a very rigid structure. In particular, the central area between the eyes has an increased thickness for greater strength and rigidity.

Mares Sealhouette Chassis thickened area

The lenses

Traditional double lenses with quite good dimensions for the Mares Sealhouette mask. The internal part of the facial though seems to cover a little bit more than normal the lenses especially externally on both eyes, aspect that could reduce field of view.

Mares Sealhouette lenses dimensions and silicone border

The facial

Nice camouflage, with grey base and white, light blue and green inserts, external matt solution with a high quality touch feeling, and internal grey glossy surface. No particular special solution is present, including rigidity veins or variable thickness areas. Dimensions of the internal profile are 11.5 x 10 cm, an average value.

Mares Sealhouette internal profile measures

Buckle and chassis attachment

The buckle is a well refined solution, light in the design and with double band. Connection between the buckle and the facial is obtained with rubber elements integrated in the facial. Such elements have the positive aspect of being slightly thicker than in other masks with the same kind of solution, and much more rigid giving a sense of greater strength (for example compared to a mask of the same brand, the Mares X-Free). Also, compared to masks, the elements are positioned some millimeters from the chassis and actually act on the final part of the facial. The micrometric regulation system of the buckle has two rubber buttons to control the open and closing. The solution somehow seems more tricky and less reliable (on one side of the mask received the system does not work perfectly) than traditional plastic buttons.

Mares Sealhouette buckle facial connection
Mares Sealhouette facial profile

Measure of internal volume

Once more we have proceeded, as for the previous masks tested, with the measure of the internal volume of the mask, using the standard head of a polystyrene dummy and a 60 ml graduated siringe. The test has been done as usual tightening well the rear band of the mask, also because in the test in the sea no contact between eye lashes and lenses has been perceived, so there was no limit in tightening the mask on the face. With two measures made, the average value of the internal volume has been unexpectedly high and equal to 150 ml (equivalent to 150 cc).

Field of view

Mares Sealhouette field of view

Also in the field of view the Mares Sealhouette does not seem to be particulalry strong, also probably due to the limit pointed out earlier on the thick border made by the silicone facial around the lenses. Limits are quite evident in the lower and lateral directions, while the upper part has a good value. The results have been:

North: 75, North-East: 90, East: 55, South-East: 50, South: 50, South-West: 50, West: 60, North-West: 70, for the best value among all masks measure until now, with a final value equal to 500. 


Mares Sealhoutette is compact and comfortable on the face, but somehow disappoints expectations both on internal volume and field of view. This does not mean that if comfort and seal on our face is particularly good the choice is not right, but indeed the remaining parameters seem below best masks on the market.

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