Cressi F1 mask is one of the few frameless solutions by the Italian Company, as generally Cressi has focused on dismountable systems, developing its patented Integrated Dual Frame Technology, which gives almost the advantages of a frameless solution (reduced distance eyes-lensesfor best field of view and internal volume reduction), without the disadvantages (fog production due to silicone particles on lenses during manufacturing and no easy prescription lenses mounting). In addition Cressi F1 has a unique single lens that could help field of view.

The lens and chassis

The lens a is single 4 mm thick solution, 1 mm more than traditional double lenses, as in this case the lens also functions as a chassis and needs to resist to tension and forces applied. In fact, Cressi F1 mask is not only frameless, but also “chassis-less“, as the unique big lens also stands for the rigid structure of the mask, with no need of an additional chassis and determining a very rigid structure (more than the solution with chassis, as a 4 mm glass is indeed stiffer than a Nylon chassis).

Cressi F1 mask

Lens is of great dimensions, with maximum height of 7.2 cm, total maximum width of 14.9 cm and height above the nose of 1.2 cm.

Cressi F1 lens dimensions

This solution is finally simpler and somehow more economical, and definately gives a nice comfortable effect with no barrier between the eyes, generally present due to the chassis between the two lenses. Still there are some limits. The single lens having the function of the chassis needs to have a certain minimum height in the area above the nose, as this is the weakest point of the structure and need to be resistant enough. This aspect determins a loss in compactness and consequent increase of internal volume. Moreover this aspect does not permit to position the lens close to the eyes as much as the double lens solution, where a thinner chassis in the are between the eyes has a better effect, so internal volume and field of view optimizations are partially limited.

The facial

The facial has a very “clean” design, polished both externally and internally. Colour line is rich, and goes from black, to grey, to green, to brown, plus other more “scuba diving” solutions. Dimensions of the internal profile are important and equal to 12.5 x 10.4 cm. 

Cressi F1 facial internal profile measures

Buckle and chassis attachment

The buckle is linked through micro strap adjustment system directly to the facial thorugh a soft connection in silicone part of the facial itself. This solution is simple but could be a weak point in time. The micro-reculation system is extremely easy and quick to utilize thanks to two buttons one on top and one at the bottom, easily perceivable and easy to action.

Cressi F1 facial buckle connection
Cressi F1 facial profile

The buckle is particularly refined, but the triple band connected to the central elliptical Cressi logo does not work well for those who position the snorkel between the bands in the rear of the head.

Measure of internal volume

Evidently Cressi F1 mask is mainly intended either for scuba diving or for shallow water spearfishing as, due to its design, we cannot expect excellent internal volume reduction. Still we have proceeded, as for the previous masks tested, with the measure of the internal volume of the mask, using the standard head of a polystyrene dummy and a 60 ml graduated siringe. With two measures made, the average value of the internal volume has been, as anticipated, particularly high and equal to 187 ml (equivalent to 187 cc), but evidently this is not the plus of this mask.

Field of view

Cressi f1 field of view

Here we have a godd characteristic of the Cressi F1, the field of view. The measurement methodology is still the same, using a GO-PRO camera to make photographs, positioning the mask in a hole in the dummy, so that the lens of the camera would be positioned in the same place as the theoretical eye of the dummy. From the photo obtained the field of view has been measured in the 4 cardinal directions and the 4 intermediate ones. The results have been:

North: 80, North-East: 80, East: 60, South-East: 50, South: 65, South-West: 60, West: 65, North-West: 85, for the best value among all masks measure until now, with a final value equal to 545. 


Cressi F1 mask has been designed more for scuba diving than spearfishing, but the use done by many spearos during winter period in the Mediterranean, finding the Cressi F1 extremely confortable for shallow to medium water spearfishing, has convinced us to test it out. The effect on the face of different testers has shown an amazing capacity to get stuck on the face and seal perfectly, still this has to be tried out by each spearo. The internal volume is definately high, but this is not an issue in shallow to medium water, while field of view is surely good, with excellence in the upper area, and some limits in the lower lateral directions. Weight of the mask, as far as this parameter counts, is above average of spearfishing masks, and equal to 195 grams.

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