We have analyzed in the X-Rays article all the many strong characteristics of the new C4 Condor mask. We have also commented that the design of this “revolutionary” mask is aimed to having an amazing field of view and a greatly reduced internal volume. Now we have measured them both and the results are astonishing!

Record-breaking field of view

We have recently uploaded the standings of the Apneapassion Certified field of view of the best compact masks on the market, all frameless. The C4 Condor, on this parameter, has obtained an outstanding result, going well beyond what was until today the best mask on the market among the ones certified by us. Additionally, we must consider that the best masks were all close one to the other, while the C4 Condor makes a big step ahead, generating a real gap with the followers. In fact, with a value of 625, the new mask by C4 is +15% of field of view compared to second mask in the standings.

We even had to reproduce the border of the lens of the C4 Condor, as the photo made by the camera did not have a sufficient wide angle, and this is the first time we actually encounter such a situation. This exceeding of the border of the photo happens in the vertical directions, where the field of view is really amazing. The total extension is in fact 168, compared to the best follower which has already a great value of 141. Also, on the horizontal direction of the lens, the C4 Condor reaches the unbeatable value of 102+50, for total 152, where the best mask we had measured until now has an excellent value of 130.

You can check the updated standings of the field of view of the best masks certified by Apneapassion at this link or simply selecting in the menu on the Home page of Apneapassion.com the Masks Certification –> Field of view section .

Extraordinary reduced Internal volume

What is really difficult is to have a great field of view with a very reduced internal volume. Normally, in fact, the need to have wide lenses to improve the field of view determines a bigger dimension of the chassis and the facial. With the C4 Condor the Italian company has managed to generate the above record-breaking field of view, but still obtain and excellent reduced internal volume. This has been reached thanks to special solutions applied to the design of the mask. They permit to have the face of the diver entering well inside the mask, so at the same time reducing the internal volume while improving the field of view thanks to the eyes going closer to the lenses.

Finally, our certified value of the internal volume of the C4 Condor is, as visible on the video of the measurement, equal to 94 cm3, an excellent value, which positions the C4 Condor, not first, but today on the podium among the best masks certified by Apneapassion on this important parameter.

C4 Condor mask Internal Volume certification by Apneapassion

Price and versions

The C4 Condor mask will be available starting April 2024 with the black version. Two camo versions, carbon look and scales look, will be in the shops starting May 2024. The minimum suggested price to the public will be 55 euros for the black and 65 euros for the camo versions.

Final comments

The C4 Condor obtains unthinkable results in the Field of View values, today probably the best possible compared to any other mask on the market, be it designed for spearfishing, freediving, scuba diving or snorkeling. Additionally, the success of this product is linked to also having an excellent internal volume despite the large lenses used, and the C4 Condor also achieves this. This mask is by all means today the point of reference for what regards the Field of View united to a very reduced Internal Volume. All this united with a number of clever and effective solutions that make this mask a real masterpiece.

At the same time, we will never stop pointing out that frameless and extreme masks such as the C4 Condor, but also other very compact masks, must be well tried out. The reduced distance between the eyes and the lenses, evidently a great plus of the C4 Condor to reduce internal volume and improve the field of view, can become, depending on the shape of each one’s face, a tricky point. This applies in particular to the eye lashes possibly touching the lenses. So, finally, the C4 Condor is an amazing product with outstanding design and characteristics, but which should be carefully tried out.