In the dossier of best spearguns between 200 and 300 euros evidently, carbon fiber enters strongly as barrel material. Epsealon, with the Spartan Carbone, sets the price of its shortest speargun, the 75, just in the middle of the price list of the dossier. Lightness and maneuverability as the strong characteristics of this speargun for demanding spearos.

Handle and release mechanism 

The handle is in 30% glass loaded Nylon 6, while the grip has two red side inserts in TPE material which definitely give a better grip, and this is feelable with bare hands, also thanks to the dotted surface. The shape of the grip is slightly anatomical with a symmetrical shape for left and right-handers. The chest support is positioned on the steel end of the release box and has a 30% glass loaded Nylon 6 base and, again, a red TPE cover with a rough surface to increase grip. The handle has small lateral “wings” to position the monofilament out of the way and clear the line of aim.

Epsealon Spartan Carbone handle

The release mechanism is 100% 316 stainless steel with release tooth, trigger, mechanism box and lateral line release lever all in such material. The lever can be easily shifted left and right just by releasing a small screw. The inverted system determines a shift backward of the shaft with increased efficiency.

Epsealon Spartan handle and stainless steel release mechanism

The safety system is regulated by a round button that can be just slightly felt with the right hand when release is locked. The system is immediately unlocked as soon as the button is slightly pressed with the palm of the hand holding the speargun. 


The barrel is a 30 mm diameter and 2 mm thick wall made in 3K 200gr/m² carbon fiber tube with integral shaft guide. The connection barrel to handle and barrel to muzzle is made with plugs with double O-rings, and additionally sealed with cork plugs. Nominal lengths of the barrel available for the Epsealon Spartan Carbone are 75, 90, 100, 110 and 120, and they coincide with the measured length. The integrated shaft guide determines an increased stiffness of the barrel that thanks to its composite material is definitely very stiff. 

Epsealon Spartan Carbone carbon fiber barrel with integrated shaft guide

Muzzle and elastic bands

The solution is with circular elastic bands. For the lengths 90/100/110 the Epsealon Spartan is equipped with two circular Primeline rubber bands of 14 mm diameter and elongation coefficient of 3.6 and Dyneema wishbones. Length 120 is equipped with a double Primeline 16 mm diameter rubber band of 3.2 elongation coefficient and Dyneema wishbones.

Epsealon Spartan Carbone 100 14 mm diameter double elastic bands

The muzzle is an open solution and is of the same material as the handle, Nylon 6 loaded with 30% fiberglass. It is very compact and has an optional arch to close it. 

Epsealon Spartan 100 muzzle & double 14 mm elastic bands


A top of the line shaft with 4 shark fins, one at mid-length and 3 close to the release mechanism for best loading. Specifically, the lengths of 90/100/110 are equipped with a 6.5 mm diameter shaft, double barbs in AISI 316 hardened with carbon, Tri-cut spear point for better impact resistance and water penetration, plus heat treatment to increase hardness and bending resistance by 20%. The length 120 is equipped with the same solution shaft but with a 7 mm diameter.

Epsealon Spartan Carbone handle and shaft with shark fins

For full data chart of the Epsealon Spartan Carbone 100 click here.

The list price of the Epsealon Spartan Carbone 100 is 274 € (VAT included) without reel, while the shortest legth (75) costs 248 € (VAT included).